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Integrating the Internet in Education

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Building a Collaborative

Must stay focused. There is so much to do... and so much done. This is not new, so why bother. Why do I care. About reaching out looking for contact, looking for response to my ideas. Why should I care to explore Moodle and Opencourse

Because resources are there, available and with potential.

Moodle as a forum allows for innovation in communication. But what would be innovation? How could the curtain be open and show words of inspiration to the reader?

And how couldI ensure that the activity is empowering to others, that is is not about my agrandizement? How can I make this porject truly a collaborative experience? And what if I fail?

Defining success. Basically being able to carry out the project, and finding reperts of meaning to others. Therefore I must recruit people who find meaning to start and contribute as a means to ensure their own success.

Hence, at least six people are needed, one for each week.

Six weeks.... long enough to get into substance and short enough to get done and on with something else.

In week 1, we deal with introductions as individuals and as participants in the group and subgroup. The structure is formed.

In week 2, we still deal with "inclusion issues" as we set the stage for the production of the collaborative. Here we can review the FIRO theory as well as the structured experience format from University Associates.

A main operational strategy could be for each participant to present theories that they find useful in the formulation and development of collaboratives. Hence my own recommendations for the FIRO and structural experiences formats.

Therefore in week 2 each participant can present their tools and then establish order for the followings 4 weeks.

Some of the brainstorm is--
a favorite theory
a favorite book
a favorite learning environment/tool
a quote
whom would you invite for dinner if you could invite 3 people?

In week 3 the first topics group would lead the discussion. Here some of the ways to present and lead are offered. In relation to the structured experience format, a mini lecture is presented, with an experiential activity which is then brought for discussion and review in terms of relevance and larger applications. The lead group can present 2 questions to direct discussion in the forum.

In week 4 the next group would follow in the presentation and review of the topic.

In week 5 the next group would follow in the presentation and review of the topic.

In week 6 the whole group will present summaries of their process as well as a discussion will foucs on the steps to follow. The use of Moodle and opencourse will be evaluated in terms of its virtues and limitations. Recommendations shared about complementary applications.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

So here I am blogging again. Still hoping for this place to be interactive. I guess an interactive of one is all I'll get.
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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Now that I "know" what a blog is, I must explore its capabilities..... a nook in cyberspace where I can express my thought. This time I will address Leah's reflections about Northampton and Elizabeth's upcoming visit to the area.

It is interesting to witness how communities are formed and how they evolve through the years. Here in Western Massachusetts, for instance, Northampton has gone in the last thirty years through a renaissance. Much of downtown is gentrified and many of the storefronts are dressed with boutiques and galleries. While the love for the arts remains, popular art has turned to the diversion of the wealthy and likewise education becomes privatized. Many of the schools of yesterday have been closed and turned into condominiums. New and larger schools are being built. My most concern however is for the expressed dislike for bilingual education and the struggle of Latinos in the school system. This group is also left behind in their access to technology and to its pedagogical capacity.

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

I finally understand what a blog is. A journal entry which I can write into through access to and view at lajaulavira. Let me see what else I can do.....
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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Greetings to laj' aula vira. Welcome to an ongoing discussion about integrating the internet in Education. Hope your ideas and comments end up here real soon!
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